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Weekends in the fall

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This weekend consisted of everything fall, mostly in the form of food. I wish I was one of those talented people who could take beautiful pictures in my lovely kitchen to share with you, but I'm not so I can tell you what I cooked instead...

Besides the excellent dinners D made for us, I made the most delicious apple pie from this recipe here. I also made a pumpkin bread using a Spice cake mix and organic pumpkin puree. The pumpkin bread is so delicious with coffee in the morning (my favorite) or ice cream for dessert at night (D's favorite). Sunday morning, after a long run, I made cinnamon pancakes, eggs, and sausage, which is by far my favorite meal. 

In addition to pretending like it was Thanksgiving for the weekend, we also watched a lot of football and relaxed with the windows open and the sun shining through. I have a pumpkin and some mums on my terrace right now that are just delightful to look at. Carving time next weekend! Don't you just love fall?!

xo LL