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Scrapbooking: A Look at May

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May has been such an exciting month for me. I guess I should first start by saying that I traveled to Barcelona and Valencia Spain to celebrate my birthday with my best friend, Lucy.

May 1 started a little something like this...

instagram image thanks to Lucy

instagram image thanks to Lucy

While in Spain, Lucy and I enjoyed sight seeing, museums, eating, drinking, eating more tapas, walking, talking, more walking, talking and eating, etc etc. It was a wonderful trip and a much needed vacation for both parties. I was able to finally unwind and figure out what the next steps in my life were going to involve and create some goals.

instagram image of birthday celebrations thanks to Lucy

instagram image of birthday celebrations thanks to Lucy

I returned back to New York, refreshed and ready to get to work, and have done exactly that. It seems like every day that I've been home something exciting has happened, and I feel so fortunate and grateful. For one, my business seems to really be going. I have also started my website, am working on my logo, and talking to a lot of different people about potential jobs. I'm just out there in this crazy city makin' it happen. The apartment I have been designing on Riverside Boulevard is almost complete (more pictures to come soon), and I am excited to see things pull together.

May 18 I completed my first half marathon (under 2 hours, I might add). I cannot believe that I was able to run 13 plus miles, but somehow I made it happen and feel very proud since doing it. It truly was a rewarding experience. 

LL Marathon 1.jpg

D and I also purchased a grill, which is a big deal in NYC, but we are thankful for our terrace and the outdoor space which allows us to enjoy the summertime air and beautiful city views. It has been so much fun to have friends over to cook and hang out.

iPhoneMay2013 114.JPG

We ended May with Memorial Day weekend in East Hampton with friends and had a ball (despite the rain). It is always nice to be able to leave the city and even though we didn't get much beach time in, we got to enjoy the shopping and attend the grand opening of Serena & Lily

iPhoneMay2013 116.JPG

Today, may have been one of the more rewarding days of May, and for that I feel proud. Even though New York is difficult for me at times, I know that all of my hard work is paying off and am happy to end May on a Friday knowing that I have two new jobs in the works.

iPhoneMay2013 054.JPG

So in honor of a very successful month and taking risks, I leave you with this...


xo LL