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My journey in New York has brought me many things: a boyfriend whom I love, jobs that come and go, contacts that may last forever, and experiences I will never forget. Most importantly, New York has given me the opportunity to pursue a dream in interior design. As I finish the first day at my new job, I want to contemplate on where I was, have been, and am today. Wow, time has flown by. 

blog post by Lindsey Lane on May 6, 2011

blog post by Lindsey Lane on May 6, 2011

Two years later, I have proudly worked at a high end residential design firm and learned more than I thought imaginable. I just finished my own design project on the upper west side which helped me get started on my own and am now working on a new project on the upper east side. I am beyond thankful. I just started a new job, in addition to my private work, at a design firm that I love. Can you even believe it? Life just keeps handing me work and fulfilling my dreams each day, and in between all of the major milestones I have made wonderful and important contacts and connections. 

In closing, I saw this post on Pinterest and had to share because I can relate in many ways.

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Every time that I want to cry and give up (which believe it or not happens often), I need to remember ALL that I am grateful for and be glad that I am able to work hard in order to live out my lifelong dreams.

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