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Scrapbooking: A look at June & July

Lindsey LaneComment

Somehow, summer has slipped away from me and all of the sudden it is almost August. My favorite season seems to just fly by! D and I have been fortunate to spend time with our families in DC, Georgia, and Florida which never seems to happen within two months!  

For Father's Day, we traveled to DC for the weekend, and then turned around and headed to Albany for a surprise Father's Day visit and friend's wedding. What fun! We've spent several weekends in the Hamptons and went to Nantucket for July 4th. I spent a whole 10 day vacation in Florida with my Mom, sisters, and Grandmother. D came down the last weekend for some girl time too! 


D and I have also spent a few weekends in New York which have actually been quite nice. We've enjoyed cooking on our terrace and relaxing at home after very busy weeks. 

Unlike the south, for New York August means summer time so the next four weekends will be spent at the beach, which I am very excited about. Summer time is a season I continue to be thankful for, and also I time when I love NYC. I keep saying summer in New York is what has kept me here this long (oh yeah, another milestone--three years in July!).

xo LL