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On Friday, I left for the Hamptons early to do some shopping for a client. When I was in the Hamptons I saw a lot of great things and visited some really exciting stores. While I do not have a client for this particular type of store now, I am adding it to my "favorites" list. Homenature is located in Southampton and Amagansett (I went to both). The store is mostly white linen upholstered furniture with warm wood accents or some funky throw pillows and lighting. It sort of reminds me of the perfect furniture for a beach home in LA or in Montauk in New York because it is modern but still warm. Below are some of the pictures I took of the store. 


I love this vintage dining table and chairs because the center tray pops out to act as a serving piece. The tray can also be flipped over so that the entire table surface is flat for a table cloth. The top of the table is a stained cork board with a finish so that it is durable. Such a neat for a beach house where a lot of people can gather around and dig in! 


If you visit the Hamptons don't forget to check out Homenature or go to their website here

xo LL