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The World of Aerin

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I was thrilled to finally visit Aerin in Southampton a few weeks ago. Her store feels like the perfect beach haven. A breath of fresh air. I love the sisal carpet paired with luxurious home decor stored in really fantastic linen wrapped shelves. All of the products are beautifully packaged and there is just enough on display to make you want more but understand the simple preview of the lifestyle brand Aerin.

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I love this shell sitting on a stack of coffee table books. 


This round match striker makes storing matches way more chic. 


This shagreen tray could be used in a number of spots like your closet, coffee table, or bathroom vanity. 


If you have not visited the store or Aerin's website and blog, be sure to do so. She is talented and beautiful in every way! 

xo LL

P.s. All images are from Aerin's website here