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Pies N Thighs, the restaurant

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I purchased J'Aime New York several months ago because I recognized some of the restaurants and wanted to use it as a guide to try new places, you know, become a New York foodie.

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I definitely recommend the book if you live in the New York area because I left happy (and full) from my first restaurant venture. Pies N Thighs, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a "hole in the wall", as we say in the south, where there are only a few tables, an exposed kitchen, and the chicken frying. Last night, D and I decided it was a perfect rainy Thursday for some comfort food.

First on the menu, fried green tomatoes. It wasn't really D's thing (don't get me wrong, he ate them), but anything fried served with a side of ranch is going to A OK in my book. This was just a small preview of what was to come.


I decided to go with the fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and collard greens. There are so many sides to choose from that it was hard for me, but I was very pleased with my choices. The fried chicken is the perfect amount of crispy that it is salty and moist and the mac n cheese did not disappoint with a creamy rich flavor. If you love collard greens, these were flavored just right. Oh, and the biscuit, SO GOOD! 


For desert, we ordered the apple pie a la mode. Yes, we ordered desert, but how could you not from a place known for their pies? As expected it was delish. Can someone please roll us out, party of two?


So, if you are ever in New York and you love southern food, then I recommend you venture over to Williamsburg to try this restaurant. You will not be disappointed!

A view of the kitchen

A view of the kitchen

Don't worry, I will be reporting back in with more restaurants recommendations by J'Aime New York, and maybe we will try something a little bit more on the healthy side next time.

Happy Friday!