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With the new iPhone 5c and 5s out on Friday, it seems that technology is hotter than ever. I mean color choices including gold1? What will they think of next? I had plans to buy the new iPhone on Friday like many others, but when I saw a line wrapped around the store I knew it could wait.  

Technology seems to be taking over our entire culture. You can basically look anything up anywhere, you can constantly be connected to work and emails, and anyone can get in touch with you in a matter of seconds. For someone like me, technology is expanding the ways that potential new clients can discover me or see my work. It is great for PR and it makes the client service business even easier.


What I realize personally, though, is that I am sometimes sick of being connected. For my own sanity, it is nice to turn off for a few hours or an entire weekend. Why do I need to Instagram every single thing that I do (I do love it though!)? What I decided for my self is that on the weekends, especially when I am out of town, I need to disconnect and enjoy the people I am with and the place I am visiting. It's all about learning to live in the present moment, which for the record I am mostly terrible at doing. As an interior designer, I typically talk to clients when they are out of work or on the weekends--their time if you will, which makes it hard for me to turn off completely. After 9 or so at night, I started putting my phone on vibrate and only using it as an alarm clock. Now, I think I need to leave it in the living room all together and buy an alarm clock. In the morning, I carry through my morning routine and do not even thinking about checking my phone until I am out the door for work. Before doing this, I was waking up and checking Instagram and emails, and sometimes that actually gave me anxiety or even put me in a bad mood. I realized that instead of waking up and potentially starting the day off wrong, I should start the day off right and work when it is time to work. I do not have to be connected 24/7. It's like I worshiped my phone and the instant gratification that it brings me. I would probably consider myself a little bit of a work horse so realizing when to turn off is important so that I am not burned out, annoyed, or anxious about work.

In the Sunday Styles this weekend, one of the cover stories was "Step Away from the Phone". Why do we go out with friends and sit there with cell phones on the table or in hand to capture the next best picture or tweet? Instead, we should enjoy our company and actually engage in a conversation. One friend group said they place their cell phones in the center of the table and the person that picks up their phone first picks up the meal. Pretty good incentive, I would say.

So while we decide if we will stick to black, opt for something a bit more sparkly like gold or try a fun new color all together, maybe we can also think of ways to be more present for others and take time for ourselves, unplugged.

xo LL

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