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I read this blog years ago and was reintroduced to it in this months Bon Appetit magazine.  Mimi Thorrison is the author and foodie behind Manger, a blog based in Medoc, France. Sounds lovely, right? It is, and Thorrison says it best herself: "Médoc is perfect in the sense that you have all the best on a platter – amazing châteaux and 1,500 vineyards all over, the ocean and wild white sand beaches 4 km away, wild pine forests filled with wild boars, deers, bécasses birds to name a few."

Thorrison's love for food and beautiiful dishes is perfectly captured by her husband in each photograph he takes. If you are interested in a beautiful food blog with great recipes too, I suggest you hop over to Manger immediately. Did I mention she is the mom to 6 children and has 14 dogs?! 

xo LL