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Fall is officially in the air and summer is (un) officially over... sigh. I am excited to have some time to relax, stay put, and enjoy the weekends in NYC. With lack of anything better to discuss, here are some pretty images instead. 


I love the bold black abstract artwork with the leopard print chairs, and am thinking I may paint a piece of art very similar for a fall project. 


I think the style of this bed is so perfect for a children's room so I am adding it to my "one-day" design files.


I love the contrast of black and white and think the silhouette of these two twin beds is beautiful. The pop of orange in the folded throw adds a nice, comfortable touch to a black and white room.  

I wish I could tell you who designed the three images above, but I found them on Pinterest and cannot seem to link back to the original website. You can look at more interior images that I like here.

xo LL