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Dresser DIY

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I have to admit, I am not one to spend a Saturday on DIY projects. I don't have the room and honestly don't have the patience. However, if there is any DIY project I would attempt to tackle, it would be the one below.

Is anyone else struggling to find a great dresser that has plenty of storage and does not cost a fortune? Ikea has what you are looking for, but it is in an unfinished wood and very plain. Bring Anthropologie into the equation. They sell the best knobs for dressers, cabinets, doors, etc. If you buy this amazing $150 (!!!) dresser, a can of paint (perhaps black in high gloss finish to keep things simple?), and some knobs to spice it up, you have the best DIY dresser for a fraction of the cost. Like it? Love it!


I'll let you know if I ever take on a DIY home project like this one. The dresser can be found here with many other sizes and knobs galore here.

xo LL