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It's March 1, and I have to share this post because March has always been a funny month for me while in New York. I think March starts to feel extra gloomy because the winter just won't. go. away. In Georgia March starts to bring signs of spring with Easter, spring break, and warmer temperatures. Somehow I've come out in better shape this year. I've been able to focus less on the "it's so cold outside I can't think about happy things so I'll just be miserable" and more on the "how do I get through these terribly, long cold winters with a positive attitude". I also bring up the month of March because a new chapter in my life seems to begin around this month. Most of those new things which happened at difficult times have turned out to be blessings.


March 2012, D and I went on our first blind date. He arrived at the perfect time, and the rest is history...

March 2013, I decided to start my own business. A big leap of faith!

And here we are at March 2014. I am engaged, I own my own business, and I am happy. I believe that love, health, and happiness are keys to a great life. I am also living proof that hard work pays off.

Here is to another successful (and perhaps eventful) March and hopefully some signs of Spring soon.

xx LL

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