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A Collection of Books

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Books are important for any well designed and curated home. If you look at a person's collection of books you can instantly know their interests, style, religion, philosophy, role models, ideas, inspiration, aspirations, and so much more. Walking into a home that feels welcoming always has a wide variety of beautiful books and novels which is why I am slowly building my own library (as hard as it is to do in a NYC apartment).


I tend to covet design books. Below are five books on my mind and will hopefully make their way to my shelves soon.

1. Tom Scheerer Decorates -- a designer who tends to be more traditional but adds a lot of color to his well designed interiors. A lot of Quadrille's fabrics will be seen through out the book. Very nice!

2. Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Decoration -- The name says it all. A classic and timeless book displaying 50 (!) years of interior decoration. Buatta has been named the "Price of chintz" by many in the design world.

3. The Age of Elegance by Alex Papachristidis -- a 25th anniversary book paying homage to Papachristidis elegant interiors where no detail is left unnoticed. An inspiring book for more formal, but beautiful interiors.

4. Katie Ridder Rooms -- a book filled with color and a playful mix of antiques and modern pieces. Ridder's fabric and wallpaper line (seen here) fits perfectly in a beach house and her design always incorporates quirky, thought out details. 

5. Phoebe Howard, The Joy of Decorating -- a fellow southerner, this well known designer has many talents including design, decoration, and a collection of retail stores. She also works closely with her husband Jim Howard. More information about this designer and her other half can be found here.

xo LL