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Inspired, Advised, and Revived

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I attended Furlow Gatewood's book signing last night at John Rosselli in New York. I feel inspired, advised, and revived. It was so nice to meet a southern gentleman, from my neck of the woods, who has traveled the world from Georgia to India and collected antiques his entire life. His homes are perfectly curated and filled only with treasures that he truly loves. Furlow was delightful and the exact person I needed to meet last night. He reminds me to keep doing what I love and eventually all the hard work will pay off. Gatewood also reminds me to remember where I came from and to not be scared to bring my southern charm (and twist) into all that I do. Buy your copy of the book here! The cover is only a preview of the beauty that is inside.


I read the entire book last night so see my own Furlow Gatewood picks below.