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Jenna Lyons

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Is there anyone more inspiring or fashionable than Jenna Lyons? Maybe I am biased because I absolutely love J. Crew. I know, I know, I need to diversify my wardrobe, but when I walk in a J. Crew store everything just makes sense. It all works together, season to season, and you can pull a full outfit in one store in a jiffy. I love that. 

The Coveteur shares more about Jenna Lyons with an interview and peak inside her office. 

In her interview, Jenna shares some advice which I find to be so true:

“[The best advice I can pass on is] only do it if you’re not looking at your watch. If it’s the thing that you want to do in your free time, if it’s natural for you to want to look at a magazine or want figure out who the models are and understand hair and makeup and look at the sets and look at the colors and you love clothes just because you love them, then you know [it’s for you]. But, if you’re doing it for other reasons and it’s for the glamour or being famous, then forget it, cause it’ll drive you crazy. If you love it then you’ll be okay with it no matter where you are and what you happen to be doing, it won’t matter what your title is—you’ll be in a way better place and you’ll be happier.”

Jenna Lyons leads by example. She wears the brand and makes it clear that we should love what we do and do what we love. 

xx LL