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Hi Everyone! It has been a while. April and May just flew past me and now all the sudden it is the middle of June. Where does time go? Seriously. My husband and I had graduations, birthdays, and weddings to celebrate in the Spring-- all of those wonderful life moments that you wouldn't miss. After the horrible attack in Florida this weekend, it makes me even more grateful to be here today and to be able to celebrate life with those I love. 

Fortunately, Danny, Wallace, and I took a "family" vacation to unwind after a busy spring. Danny's parents allowed us to stay in their beautiful Nantucket home (twice), which we all three thoroughly enjoyed. Here are some photos of us with Wallace and a few quick shots of Nantucket (I'll try to remember to take more of Nantucket and the beautiful homes next time, but our new puppy is just too cute).

We arrived on the ferry (my favorite form of transportation!), and headed straight for the beach! As you can see, we were all so happy to be on Nantucket and completely exhausted. Beach naps are the best!

We took a walk past the oldest home on Nantucket, which was built in the 1600s (I think).

For dinner, we picked up a pizza and watched the sunset on the beach. It was a magical day!

We took walks into town for coffee and breakfast every morning, and enjoyed seeing the boats in the harbor in the afternoon!

We went back to Nantucket quickly this weekend and took a sunset cruise with friends. 

As you can see, we had a wonderful two weekends on Nantucket, which made for one tired pup! This is Wallace sleeping like a baby (literally) on the ferry ride home.

Sending well wishes and peace to all of the victims from the Florida shooting.

With gratitude and love,