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Simply Put

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Daily, I try to keep it simple. 

For me, living in a city like New York can be overwhelming and exhausting. When I come home at night, I want to unwind by sitting quietly over dinner with my husband. I want my home to be a space that brings me joy the moment I open the door. 

This home in South Carolina can easily be described, in my own words, as simple. We can all overthink. I am guilty of it, daily. We also tend overdecorate, overbuild, and clutter our homes with items that do not serve us our bring us joy to fill the "space". Why? Instead, how about we try to keep it simple. Let's build a home with items that have meaning and tell a story.

Right now, it seems as if the entire world is in pure chaos. Nothing seems simple outside of our home (or maybe even in our home). Today, let's make a change. First stop, your home. Clear out those cluttered shelves. Keep only items that bring joy. Take that joy with you outside your home and share it. Repeat daily.

xx LL

(P.s. I hear this book is phenomenal!)