A Georgia native, Lindsey Lane founded her interior design firm in 2013 in New York City. Lindsey describes her personal style as traditional with a feminine fresh take on old fashioned design. She likes to take note of every detail in a home, from the books that fill the shelves, to the art hanging on the walls, to a family’s fine china and favorite photographs. In Lindsey’s eyes, a well decorated home always has a story.

In 2017, Lindsey and her husband moved to Connecticut where they now reside in a one hundred year old water front home with their chocolate lab, Wallace. Lindsey splits time between New York City and Connecticut. While she loves the energy and spirit of New York City, Lindsey finds that living by the water cleanses her soul and keeps her creativity alive.

Today, Lindsey’s work extends beyond New York City and Connecticut and includes the Hamptons; Westchester; Palm Beach, Florida; Lexington, Kentucky; Houston, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina. Regardless of location, Lindsey has a unique ability to collaborate with her clients to create an aesthetic that is fitting for each home.

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